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Ask us to make you a Wall Hanging for free!  (Then you download & print it.)

Just fill in the forms below, then click "Submit".

Note: Fields marked with a * are required:

1.    Want a wall hanging similar to an existing one? (the same photo and/or format)
If you want to base your request on one of our current wall hangings (to ask for a different size, for instance), you only need to indicate the text name and the things you want changed in the steps below.
2.    Choose your Bible Verse or Christian Poem
Enter your Scripture verse exactly as you want it to appear (or give us the reference and desired Bible version).
To choose a verse from the slideshow, enter the text number in the form below.
** This service is only for Scripture verses or related poetry. **

Responses left blank in the questions below will be picked by us 
or will default to the text style you choose in step 1.

3.    Choose a font
If you prefer, specify a custom font in the comments below. If we do not have your desired font, we will use the one you specify above.

4.    Choose a font color from the color table.
We may make minor adjustments to match the image colors.
5.    Choose an image size (If you are going to mat this, choose the overall frame size.)
6.    Choose an image or background
You may specify a background color from here, background image from here, a photo used in our gallery, Search for an image, a photo by Dawn Huczek, a photo at sxc, or a photo at
You may also upload your own photo. We request that we be able to publish your wall hanging online for the benefit of others. By submitting your photo you grant this permission, but retain your ownership and copyright. ** By sending us a photo you are saying that it is lawful for us to modify your photo and that it is not copyrighted by someone else.

7.    If desired: Choose a border (mat) color using the color table
Note: It's more professional to purchase a real mat . (Make sure you wait to do this until you have your text in hand so it matches properly.)
Specify the C # below or describe an alternate color. You may also give us RGB values etc.
8.    Tell us your design preference.
9.    Questions, comments or suggestions. 
10.   Email Address * (for notification and questions)
11.   Submit Request

By Submitting you agree:
this will not be sold nor bundled with something you sell, nor promoted in your own marketing, nor distributed under another name without written consent from You agree that these come with no guarantees, including quality, accuracy, or timeliness.

Timeframe: The quantity of requests will determine the timeliness of our response. Our goal is to upload your request within a week's time.

Quality: Though we have graphic design training, we are not professional designers. If you are not satisfied, we will do what we can to make it right.

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