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If you need less than 25 bookmarks and you are unable to print them yourself, I may be able to provide them for you. Please note that the bookmarks I make are printed on cardstock paper with a color laser printer, laminated on two sides, and cut by hand with a paper cutter. They are not 100% professional. Please contact me with your order.

I am not equipped to provide or sell physical bookmarks in bulk. However, you still may purchase the physical bookmarks in the following ways:


Option 1: Online bookmark printers / via request

Check out overnightprints.com. They appear to have reasonable prices and quality workmanship. Note that they require bookmarks sized 2" x 6" and suggest not to use borders. If the bookmark you want is not available in size 2x6, just ask me to redesign it for you or order it here.

Just download the file from our site and upload it to theirs. (Minimum order quantity is 25.)

Other vendors use different sizes which we can supply for you as well if desired.

If necessary, I may be able to order them for you. Contact me for details.


Option 2: 4x6 photo option

* Note that your bookmarks with this option will be on photo paper, so they will tend to curl and will not be as thick as a normal bookmark unless you laminate them.
  1. Request from us (here) a 4x6 JPG file of your 2x6 bookmark, having 2 bookmarks.
  2. Insert your flash drive
  3. Click on the bookmark or icon. A popup should come up asking you where to save it.
  4. Navigate to your flash drive and press Save.
  5. Remove your flash drive after it is totally done saving.
  6. Take your flash drive to Walmart or Walgreens or a Photo developer and have them make 4x6 digital prints of the file on your flash drive. Remember to ask for HALF of the quantity that your need, since there are two bookmarks per print.
  7. Use a paper cutter to cut each photo into two bookmarks.
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