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View the image: Painful, aurora, Psalm 73:16 Painful, aurora, Psalm 73:16    
View the image: Head of this house Head of this house    
View the image: Cala_Lily-Psalm_112_1-2 Cala_Lily-Psalm_112_1-2    
View the image: Daisies-Isaiah-40-8x10 Daisies-Isaiah-40-8x10    
View the image: T11-FlowersSent3x2 T11-FlowersSent3x2    
View the image: fruit-8x10 fruit-8x10    
View the image: T02b-Fawn T02b-Fawn    
View the image: T02-Fawn T02-Fawn    
View the image: Monkey_Faces_8x10 Monkey_Faces_8x10    
View the image: T01-Split Rock T01-Split Rock    
View the image: Daisies-Isaiah-40-5x7 Daisies-Isaiah-40-5x7    
View the image: T12b-Mountain-John14-6_5x7 T12b-Mountain-John14-6_5x7    
View the image: T12-Mountain-John14-6 T12-Mountain-John14-6    
View the image: T11b-FlowersSent_7x5 T11b-FlowersSent_7x5    
View the image: T01b-Split_Rock-5x7 T01b-Split_Rock-5x7    
View the image: T11c-FlowersSent3x2 T11c-FlowersSent3x2    
View the image: John_3_16-brown-10x8 John_3_16-brown-10x8    
View the image: Thorns-John_3_16-10x8 Thorns-John_3_16-10x8    
View the image: John_3_16-brown-10x8-2 John_3_16-brown-10x8-2    
View the image: Thorns-Isaiah-53-10x8 Thorns-Isaiah-53-10x8    

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Nathan Bruley: on April 27, 2011

Stick-on letters:
We received a note requesting letters that could be used to border a room or that could be stuck directly to the walls of your home. We have not tried anything more besides printing to transparencies (which are still somewhat visible unless you cut out the letters), but we know of a friend who has ordered from and got nice results. I suspect their prices may be a bit high, however.
If you know of a better source please pass it on to us!

James Rae: on July 11, 2014

Thank you, and yours in prayer Adonai Elohim in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Amen

Ryan: on March 16, 2015

praise God you offer the prints for free. I do the same on my site: 

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